BSotS For the Fans, by the Fans - Trade Deadline Special Edition

February 22, 2017

We have a Trade Deadline Special Edition of the For the Fans, by the Fans Podcast this week.  First off, Paul and Justin chime in with their thoughts as to what happened (and didn't happen) in relation to DeMarcus Cousins, why Boogie is not wearing purple and orange, and whether the Suns should have pushed harder to get him.

In addition, the Bright Side of the Sun readers spoke, and the guys listened.  They break down a bunch of the trades that you readers suggested, including trades where the Suns would get one of the following guys:

- Andrew Wiggins;

- Jimmy Butler;

- Paul George; and

- Derrick Favors.

While we are all still waiting to see what the Suns do or don't do before the trade deadline, you can bet that the first post-deadline For the Fans, by the Fans Podcast will discuss what moves happen (or don't happen).


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