BSotS For the Fans, by the Fans - The Future Is Bright

March 4, 2017

Paul and Justin return with the first post-All-Star Break/trade deadline edition of the For the Fans, by the Fans Podcast.  We have seen some significant changes since the Suns returned to action, and those changes have ignited a new sense of excitement in Paul and Justin.  This week, the guys discuss:

- The trade of P.J. Tucker and the "blockbuster" trade with an Eastern Conference time that didn't (and shouldn't) happen.

- Some common misconceptions about the NBA salary floor and why the Suns traded for Mike Scott to hit that floor.

- The increase in playing time for Tyler Ulis, Alan Williams, and Derrick Jones, Jr.

- Why Alan Williams' strong play may make the Alex Len decision easier.

- How the Suns are suddenly becoming an exicitng and fun team to watch.

The guys think the future is looking brighter than ever.  Let's hope they're right.  Tweet at Paul (@DervishOfWhirl) and Justin (@SoSaysJ) or share your thoughts and comments below.





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