BSotS - Fanning the Flames - The Elfrid Payton Episode

February 15, 2018

In this week's episode of Fanning the Flames, Paul and Justin discuss:

- The start of the Elfrid Payton era and how the trade affects the Suns' salary cap situation;

- Other trades around the NBA and the overall cap situation in the NBA;

- The potential of bringing Elfrid Payton back after this season; and

- The Suns' remaining schedule and how many wins they expect the team to finish with.

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BSotS - Fanning the Flames - Is It Time to Use the Assets?

February 6, 2018

In this week's episode of Fanning the Flames, Paul and Justin discuss:

- Their thoughts on the Marquese Chriss suspension and what it says about Chriss and the team;

- Whether the Suns should target Aaron Gordon in a trade and, if so, what the team should be willing to give up for him;

- Giving Devin Booker a little extra time off to get fully healthy; and

- Other potential trade ideas.

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BSotS - Fanning the Flames - Problem at the Point

January 31, 2018

This week’s episode of Fanning the Flames starts with Justin taking a few minutes to vent about Enes Kanter (yes, it’s been five days, but he’s not over it).  After that, the guys discuss:

-  The Suns’ options to fix the point guard problem. Point Booker?  Trade or free agency?  The Captain America Theory?  (The last one will make sense if you listen.)

-  Accelerating the Timeline and McD’s plan to be aggressive this offseason; and

-  Who the Suns might target in free agency and how the draft will affect free agency decisions.

Finally, the trade deadline is fast approaching so, just like last year, leave your trade suggestions in the comments section and we’ll discuss them on next week’s episode.  You can keep up with Paul (@DervishOfWhirl), Justin (@SoSaysJ), and the pod (@FanTheFlamesNBA) on Twitter.  Until next time!


BSotS - Fanning the Flames - The Next Big Leap

January 23, 2018

Welcome to the latest episode of Fanning the Flames, your fan-driven Phoenix Suns podcast.  This week, the topics that Paul and Justin cover include:

- Although the Suns may not be winning (yet), the development of the team is creating a fun brand of basketball to watch.

- Which of the Suns will be the next to take a big leap in terms of progression?

- Kemba Walker may be available, but he is not the answer for the Suns.  Paul shares a couple options he prefers (which somehow results in Justin gushing about DeAndre Ayton for a few minutes).

- Can Devin Booker make Phoenix a desirable NBA destination for high level talent?

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BSotS - Fanning the Flames - To Make a Move, or to not Make a Move

January 13, 2018

Listen in as Paul and Justin bring you the newly minted Fanning the Flames podcast.  It's still for the fans.  It's still by the fans.  It just has a new name (listen to the episode to find out why).  This week, the guys discuss:

- Why making a move for the purpose of making a playoff push is unnecessary;

- Where the Suns will find themselves at the end of the season; and

- What moves actually make sense for the team.  

If you're going to Bright Side Night this weekend, don't forget about the meet up that Paul and Justin are hosting at The Park starting at 2:30.  Stop by, say hi, and ask Paul to buy you a beer.  Follow Paul (@DervishOfWhirl) and Justin (@SoSaysJ) on Twitter, and also check out the podcast's new Twitter handle, @FanTheFlamesNBA.  Until next time!


BSotS - For the Fans, by the Fans - If Devin Booker Is Happy, We’re Happy

January 2, 2018

Happy New Year, Suns fans!  Welcome to the first 2018 edition of the For the Fans, By the Fans Podcast (with the holidays behind us, we'll be around more regularly).  This week, we discuss a whole lot of Devin Booker, including our thoughts on:

- Booker being part of the Suns' decision-making process moving forward;

- Booker's approach to the game today versus the latter part of his rookie year and first part of last season; and

- the team's performance with Booker out.

It's not all Booker, as we also touch on Isaiah Canaan's arrival and Mike James' recent week of firsts.  Thoughts, comments, questions?  Leave them in the comment section below, or you can catch us on Twitter (@DervishOfWhirl and @SoSaysJ).  Until next time!



BSotS - For the Fans, by the Fans - An International Point of View

December 13, 2017

Well, hello, everyone.  Long time no see.  With the holidays and travel schedules, we've been away for a bit, but, fear not, we are back with another episode of the For the Fans, by the Fans Podcast.  This week, we are joined by special guest Raffaele Rosa.  Raff is a contributor to the Bench Mob NBA Podcast and a Suns fan from Australia.  He was on a trip state-side to take in some NBA action, and we ran into him at the Solar Panel's Brews & Hoops Mixer (shout out to Dave, Tim, and Espo for putting that together!).  Raff was kind enough to sit down with us before heading back down under and discusses:

- How he became a Suns fan (which gives us a chance to reminisce about the Seven Seconds or Less Era);

- His adventure to see (or at least try to see) the NAZ Suns; and

- His takeaways from the two Suns games he was able to see.

You can find Raff on Twitter (@_raffaelerosa) and, of course, you can catch both of us on Twitter as well (@DervishOfWhirl and @SoSaysJ).  Thanks again to Raff for joining us, and feel free to leave questions, thoughts, ideas, etc. in the Comments Section below.  Until next time, Suns fans!


BSotS - For the Fans, by the Fans - Where Do We Go From Here?

November 19, 2017

We're back with the latest episode of the For the Fans, by the Fans Podcast. This week, we run through a recap of the Suns' most recent games and discuss:

- the altercations during the games against the Lakers this week;

- our impressions of Greg Monroe thus far;

- the concept of Devin Booker playing point guard; and

- the struggles of Marquese Chriss and whether Dragan Bender should start in front of him.

Leave your comments or questions in the comment section below, or hit us up on Twitter (@DervishOfWhirl and @SoSaysJ).  Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!


BSotS - For the Fans, by the Fans - Bye-Bye Bledsoe, Hello (Maybe) Monroe

November 12, 2017

Paul and Justin here, and we are back with a new episode of Bright Side of the Sun's For the Fans, by the Fans Podcast. This week, we discuss:

- the Eric Bledsoe trade;

- what we think the Suns will do with the pieces the team received for Bledsoe; and

- the team's play since the end of the new coach bump.

We also want to remind everyone that Bright Side Night is scheduled for January 14, 2018. Don't forget to donate! As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below, or follow us on Twitter (@DervishOfWhirl and @SoSaysJ). Until next time!


BSotS - For the Fans, by the Fans - Less Kumbaya, More Basketball

October 29, 2017

In this week's episode of BSotS's For the Fans, by the Fans Podcast, Paul and Justin give their thoughts on a wild week for the Phoenix Suns, including:

- salon tweeting with Eric Bledsoe;

- the firing of Earl Watson; and

- the improved play of the team since Bledsoe was sent home and Watson fired.

The guys also give their thoughts on #SarverOut "movement."  Get in touch with Paul (@DervishOfWhirl) or Justin (@SoSaysJ) on Twitter, or leave comments for the guys below.